Shepherd Moon (2011)

by A.M. Overcast

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released June 6, 2011

All songs written and performed by Alex
Additional vocals by Catherine

Artwork by Randy Ortiz

Mixed by Aaron Simoes and Alex
Mastered by Craig Boychuk



all rights reserved


A.M. Overcast Winnipeg, Manitoba

Songs by an Alex from Winnipeg

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Track Name: Valentine's Night Out on the Town
Hear me out.
One is gone, two on the way.
Never really wanted you.

Hear me out.
Three now gone too far away.

Oh, nod and wave.
And we are going down.
Track Name: Black Elbow
Bury it up.
What does the other side of lots get into say?
What does it always gotta seem odd?
We’ll form the avenue.


Don’t you wish you would have just to understood what hurt you?

Back home.
When we die we keep on going.
Suddenly bringing suicide.

Ambulance on the way.
Destroy her now.
Track Name: Haystacks Northbound
Busking it up-street.
Doesn’t it all seem drab?
Busking it up, economy sits.
Melting your set of dominos.

Resting it up ’til you’re hauling us in.
Pull it off with half us there.
Put it on, we’ll have a stare.

The gate is so far away.

It’s all that gets you down?

Your bro’s on the phone..
Too low, what you all know?
Is all we know faded?
Loop-hole undertow.
Track Name: Snow Punk
All in all, you surrendered too hard.

I knew.
I want to.

Winters are getting shorter than the past.
I noticed that.

You went away.
Track Name: Varied Alphabets
What did the others say?
Where did the others go?

I’m bringing answers to you.
Honest, baby.

It’s a cross-dream./It’s across stream.
Track Name: Sundae
There are ways to satisfy in you.
And the see-saw, where you once lived your perfect fix.
But you ditched it, cause you won’t miss it.
At the see-saw, give it one time and don’t be late (for a place in the shade).

Bought you a sundae.
For my love, in my heart.
Track Name: Melancholy Flower
Puffing out the backdoor, breathe into the sunset.
Drinking up your fourteen, grieving at the can.

Dew on the ground will wash away.
Your moss will stay.
Too hot to run or walk away.
You’re forced to stay, vagabond.

Is it a go?
2 minutes ago.

Vagabond, I’ll feed you until summer.
Stake it out.
Shameless bond, I’ll see you underwater.
Track Name: Yield
This is not a grading song.
Risk your fingers, thumb, and palm.

You’d know a way.
You’d know the way.
You’d know the way is up to ignore the pain.

Now the weeks are getting colder.
To see you and feel you, when you want the way out…
Track Name: Cannonball
You won’t say a word.
You won’t say “cannonball”.

There she was.
Once you run away everything seems good.
All you wanted was to say…

Stop anyone who walks.
Please don’t deliver.

Waiting to find out where you are.

All the waiting’s abused.

Do another one, you didn’t even love.

Smiling while I sell you short…