Pellow (2013)

by A.M. Overcast

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Riley Swim
Riley Swim thumbnail
Riley Swim Violet By Fire Glow gets me right in the feelers. Nuff said. Favorite track: Violet By Fire Glow.
Daniel Moyo
Daniel Moyo thumbnail
Daniel Moyo Great release, the instruments just bounce off each other creatively, a tight energetic set of tunes. Getting some pinback vibes on So Much More which I'm loving. Favorite track: So Much More.
Michael Sykes
Michael Sykes thumbnail
Michael Sykes 'Aquacellar' goes off. This is a nice EP kinda at the intersection of math and pop-punk. Very interested in these guys Favorite track: Aquacellar.
W Phillips
W Phillips thumbnail
W Phillips probably my favorite A.M. Overcast release. Sounds like nothing else I've heard. Favorite track: Violet By Fire Glow.
jason thomas
jason thomas thumbnail
jason thomas Sugary sweet bliss ala Zolof The Rock and Roll Destroyer. Has some Weezer vibes too. Favorite track: Local Area Network.
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released March 19, 2013


All songs written and performed by Alex

Additional vocals by Catherine


Mixed by Aaron Simoes ( and Alex

Mastered by Craig Boychuk (

Artwork by Ben Duncan for Occasional Head Bunts (




all rights reserved


A.M. Overcast Winnipeg, Manitoba

Songs by an Alex from Winnipeg

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Track Name: Aquacellar
I want to break out, want to be free.
And to figure out what's keeping me trapped under the sea.

Tried to walk on sea foam, I don't think so.
Never be out from the sea, I'm drowning.
Askin' what I'm here for, now my tears flow happily.
I'll never feel that I'm frowning

Now I finally see that half my body is finally free.
Now I finally see I have buoyancy.
I'm finally free.
Track Name: One In A Million
Maybe we'll be on the island with the rest of our lives in the sun.
All I wanted was you.

Wake up, it's the end of a cycle and I'm old enough to know it.
Wake up, it's the end of a cycle and I'm one in a million.

Home is where the heart is..
But if you go to the west coast it might give you ideas.
Track Name: Violet By Fire Glow
Waterfall of love in your direction.
Angling, tangled down.
I don't wanna soak up your reflection, Violet.

Don't breathe in water.

My babe Violet asleep 'till the morning.
It's true, she could never be somebody else.
All in, all good.

I just wanna give love and affection, Violet.

Just breathe and wonder.

Your eyes give me some kind of love.
Even I feel you when I'm alone.
Your eyes heated from fire glow.
Even I feel you when I'm alone.
Track Name: Local Area Network
Doin' our thing.
Singin' our song.
We are the ones doing the favour.

Seems alright.
Don't you seem alright?
Track Name: So Much More
Honest, be friends.
Don't leave, there's so much more to know.
But she just pretends at full speed with nowhere left to go.

And I tried to walk away that sunday, I'll have to rest.
Yeah it's just one of those things that's haunting all of my past.
And I don't wanna feel I'm talking, I'll have to rest.
And It's just one of those things that's haunting all of my past.
Track Name: Amalanchier
Bombs away, arms await and I'm on my own.
Ease the pain, ease the pain, oh I hope.
Oh Love

I don't wanna feel like the sun's headed down
Unlock my old mode
I don't wanna feel like the sun's headed down
Unlock my old mode

'Cause I LMNO love you
Getcha in the spring or the fall some old way...

Still how I wonder
Just how I understood
Still how I wonder
Just how I knew you would

My only thought is I only said I belonged to you then
My home is saving a spot for me there


If Saskatoon awaits, what goods will be salvaged?
If someone procreates, who's goods will be damaged?
Anyone could wanna save the world…

Da da da da da da